It is essential to keep your precious pieces in a perfect condition. Please find some useful examples of a good practice in your everyday activities to maintain the longevity of precious metals and stones.

  • Remove your jewellery for any physical activities like sport, gardening works etc.
  • Avoid applying skin care products or perfume directly to your jewellery. This will help to maintain its lustre and prevent the debris from building up on the surface and under the stones.
  • Clean your jewellery with a soft toothbrush and soap under running water. Dry it well. To restore the shine on the surface use a polishing cloth or cotton cloth.

For deeper or more complicated cleaning we advise contacting your jeweller.


Precious metals may show some signs of wear and
tear over time. This is due to their natural properties in terms of hardness and density. Gold, despite of its reputation, is prone to mechanical damage as much as any other metal. Precious stones can be crushed or chipped by the external affecting forces. If you are worried about the condition of your jewellery or it has been damaged we advise contacting your jeweller immediately to avoid any potential losses.